About us

Who are we?

We started many a moon ago, in a town far far away; called Shrewsbury. Our creator, Lord and Master Mr Estaban Bridges started with humble beginnings at the Shrewsbury Indoor Market. Armed to the teeth with enthusiasm and excitement, just his own collection of 200 DVD's at his disposal; he battled the coldness and darkness to get a foot hold in the area.

What happened next, oh wise one?

Searching for greater greatness Mr Bridges discovered the Shrewsbury Enterprise Zone and upon research found that he could go from opening part time, molded by the hours set by the indoor market; to being able to open 7 days a week and have a small shop instead.

So, the path was set and the move was made. The shop was created and 200 DVD's turned into 2500, plus the addition of games and consoles; both retro and newer.

Did he live happily ever after?

Mr Bridges was living happily ever after but the urge for more DVD's was just too great and his mind started to wonder. He needed bigger, better; a kingdom fit for a king!

6 Months after opening the small shop, Mr Bridges was able to open a new store not too far away (about 10 Metres away to be exact) and 2500 DVD's turned into 4000+ with the addition of the gaming department increasing four fold and the introduction of a Blu-ray department!

But wait, theirs more.....

Mr Bridges now has his eyes set upon an even bigger shop, one in which 10,000 DVD's can sit, waiting for new homes. Whilst this next move is being created, the wonderful world of the internet has called upon us to introduce to you this website. Keeping our great prices, a nice clean and crisp presentation and the quality that people have come to know and love; all in once place - for all to access and enjoy!

"With over 15,000 DVD's sold and counting. You can trust in us to keep film night,

very much alive. Quality, Customer Service and Choice; Our commitment to you."

- Mr Estaban Bridges