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No scanning, let us do all the hard work!

Sell to us and get up to 30% more than what the market leaders offer - in just 4 simple steps... Picture, Package, Post, Payment.

£150,000+ PAID OUT SINCE 2015

1) Picture all the items you wish to sell to us, send it to us via our contacts below. We have real people waiting to hear from you!

2) Package it nicely, safely and securely.

3) Post it to us - use for the cheapest easiest service!

4) Payment will reach you the same day as we receive and check your items.


Need help? 7 day customer service - real people, quick response.

Want more? We pay your postage, paid at the same time as payment for your items.

Remember, up to 30% more for your items than...



Payment is through PayPal or Bank Transfer - Same day (Minus weekends)

We will tell you what the competitor would give you - honest work!

No stress - Just make sure all your items are legit, undamaged and complete!

Postage paid - Send us the photo of the invoice or put it in the box!

We will be with you every step of the way,
personal service at your finger tips!
We purchase all DVD genres, which are strictly Region 2 English, barcoded, in good working order, undamaged, boxed and complete.
We also purchase Bluray, CD's and games; including retro!
All you have to do is message us for more info...