Official Licensed PRO4-40 Stereo Gaming Headset - PS4

Official Licensed PRO4-40 Stereo Gaming Headset - PS4

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The PRO4-40 Stereo Gaming Headset has been specifically designed to match the needs of the avid gamer. It is available in an array of colours including black, blue, red and white to match any gaming set-up.

This Officially Licensed Headset comes with 40mm speaker drivers to provide a formidable audio experience. The inline volume control makes it easier than ever to monitor your audio, giving you the freedom to simultaneously adjust chat and game sound. In addition, the Headset features tilt & twist ear cups, a flexible mic boom and mic mute functionality, to allow for online or individual gaming.

The PRO4-40 Headset has breathable mesh ear cushions and an adjustable padded headband to offer ultimate comfort during intense gaming sessions. The 1.2 metre cable length is quick and easy to set up, simply plug the 3.5mm jack connection straight into your Controller to get started.

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